3D Pen
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3D Pen

Temperature adjustable and 8 speed settings: it heats up quickly and extrudes evenly. The pen is easy to use and offers adjustable temperatures and speed. Thanks to the 8 speeds you can adjust the pen exactly to your needs and therefore it is also very suitable for children.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN:Six switches that are ergonomically arranged excellently, enough to handle the pen. In addition, the 3D pen has a beautifully curved ergonomic shape and sits comfortably in the hand. A pen holder that sticks very well to the table with a suction cup, so that the pen can be safely stored. 2 finger protectors so that you do not burn yourself, they are made of silicone and fit on small children's fingers.
LCD display and 2 filament modes: the small display is easy to read and offers in addition to filament selection and the possibility to adjust the temperature. You can use both ABS filaments and PLA filaments. There are 12 different filaments already included, so you can get started right away. These are good. The pen is compatible with filament, which has the thickness of 1.75 mm.
Great for adults and children: you can create very realistic and precise shapes and bring them to reality. It promotes creativity and also makes adults fun. Children are entertained and can develop fine motor skills. Children learn to let their creativity run wild, which develops thinking.
Gift for creative kids: it is very suitable as a gift and as a leisure activity. You make your imagination come true. Creativity and fun for the whole family. An ideal gift for Christmas or birthdays.

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