Luftreiniger 2109
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Luftreiniger 2109

Unique powerful filter design: 360° improved cleaning performance, imported HEPA filter and highly efficient activated carbon filter, 99.97% dust, pollen, smoke, skin dandruff, odour and large dust particles etc., perfect for pet owners, babies, children and the elderly to effectively improve air quality and indoor air quality.
High effective cleaning performance: the Rigoglioso air purifier has multiple cleaning technologies and has a cleaning efficiency of over 99.97% for PM2.5 with a composite cold catayst technology incorporated into the HEPA fibre that absorbs bad odours.
❉【Advanced settings with 3 speeds and 100% ozone-free】: Rigoglioso air purifiers are 100% ozone-free, and a study has shown that they can reduce ozone. You can choose what speed you need, sleeping equipment, normal equipment and fast speed equipment, which is very practical.
❉【ULTRA-STILE OPERATION AND NIGHT LIGHT AND HOLIDAY GIFTS】: The improved QuietKEAP technology reduces noise, so you can sleep in a restful and soothing room climate. You can choose whether you need the night light function or not while you work different needs and completely to create your ideal sleeping environment. The night light can be switched off.

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