Tür Fenster Sensor Kabellos
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Tür Fenster Sensor Kabellos

Onvis door window sensor sends instant push notifications to your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch when a condition change. 24 hour remote monitoring of home security for home, office, garage, warehouse and more.
Flexible ready to use: additional seals, a button cell battery and a miniature design allow you to use the contact sensor flexibly. With the help of the Onvis app or Apple Home app, installation is done in minutes.
Smart door window sensor is compatible with the Apple HomeKit system. Create amazing automations for your smart home that you can control with other HomeKit-enabled accessories. For example, when the entrance door is open, the intelligent lights in your entrance area can be automatically switched on in the dark.
Onvis intelligent sensor uses Bluetooth 5.0 with low energy consumption and CR2450 button cell battery, which provides low power consumption and a standby time of 1 year.
Door window contact sensor displays detection records of the last 30 days and can be checked with ONVIS Home app or Apple devices. HomeKit end-to-end encryption secures your data in iCloud and iOS devices.

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