Bluetooth Headphones
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Bluetooth Headphones

Extremely stable Bluetooth 5.0 and fast automatic pairing: the Bluetooth headphones use the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology to ensure a more stable connection. With the technology of pairing in one step, you can easily and conveniently put the wireless headphones into pairing mode as soon as they are out of operation.
2600 mAh portable power bank and wide compatibility: the wireless Bluetooth headphones are compatible with all devices with Bluetooth connectivity. The 2600 mAh charging box can charge the wireless earbuds approx. 20 times. You will receive 100 hours of music playback. You can also use the charging box as a power bank, charge your mobile phone immediately outdoors or in an emergency time.
Lossless sound quality and deep bass: thanks to professional intelligent noise reduction master chip, the headphones effectively filter outside noise. The wireless headphones reach balanced dynamic range with rich bass and clear highs after countless debugging
Original design of double ear hooks for sports: the ergonomic design and the soft silicone ear plugs ensure that your headphones stay safe and comfortable and offer a longer enjoyment. You do not need to worry about the headphones falling off when running or doing sports.
IP7 waterproof and sweatproof: Bluetooth headphones in ear use waterproof with sweat-proof design according to IP7 standards for more sports conditions. The waterproof technology protects sports headphones efficiently from damage caused by sweat and rain to ensure their service life. They are perfect for running, hiking, yoga, fitness, travel, etc.

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