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g4 led

Perfect alternative. The GU10 LED bulbs, which are as bright as the 20 W halogen bulbs, consume only 10% energy that the halogen bulbs consume yet give 180 lumens of light output and a precise 3000 K warm white colour. With a beam angle of 360 degrees, these bulbs can produce a uniform floodlight for general lighting. Non-Dimmable
Energy-saving. The 2W LED replaces the 20W incandescent bulb and halogen lamp and saves up to 90% on electricity costs of lighting. The service life is up to 25,000 hours. This reduces the cost of replacing the bulbs. Colour rendering index (CRI) is over 80 and provides vivid visual enjoyment with original colours.
Wide range of uses. Size: 10 mm x 37 mm, socket: G4, voltage: AC/DC 12 V, easy and quick to install. Please check the dimensions of the bulb before purchasing. Suitable for interior lighting, such as chandeliers, pendant lights, window lights, wall lights, desk lights, etc. Excellent G4 LED warm white for living room, dining room, office and restaurant.

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