Hair Straighteners
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Hair Straighteners

【 Rotationstemperierung 】 Furiden Professional Hair Smoothing with direction switch in a new design. The compact and innovative design the temperature regulator, makes it easy to change the heating mode. Only a step, the by simply turning the handle can be switched on and off.
【 quick heating and safe 】 Furiden best iron with the flat iron winder to heat for up to 380 ℉ MTC at a constant temperature in 15 seconds and automatically switches on after 1 hour of inactivity automatically power off if you forget, it off.
【 adjustable temperature 】 adjustable temperature settings from 180 ° and 230 °C (104 °C for all hair types. Suitable for sensitive, damaged or healthy hair. If you have thick, frizzy or curly hair, a lighting needs, at.

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