Blaulichtfilter Brille
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Blaulichtfilter Brille

Blue light filter lenses: anti-glare coating and ultra-clear glass material provide sharp, clear vision, so you can work more efficiently and feel more comfortable. The computer glasses, gaming glasses, blue light filter glasses for men and women. Protects against harmful blue light from various monitors such as PC, TV, mobile phone.
PROTECT YOUR EYES: Overexposure under blue light is one of the main causes of eye fatigue, blurry vision or headaches. Protects your eyes from eye stress, fatigue and dry eyes from digital devices with anti-blue light lenses.
Classic design: fashion gaming glasses, suitable for women and men, high transparency of the frame, so elegant that they never go out of fashion. The classic design supports the adjustment of the glasses to all face types, super lightweight materials and specially designed legs provide extra comfort. Ensures a perfect grip without pressure on the head, even after long wearing.
For better sleep: various factors can influence your sleep, including the abundance of electronic devices, sunlight and blue light anywhere. Better sleep with great blue light protection. Do not worry about eye fatigue, blurry vision and headaches and ensure a good night's sleep!
Widely used: work glasses are suitable for daily use, office, reading, gaming etc. They are suitable for most people, especially for extended periods of time when they are in front of the computer and it is durable enough to be reused, economical and practical.

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